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Among other things, Peter is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, award-winning producer, and a mixing and mastering engineer.     He has over 25+ years of experience working in a wide variety of recording studios across Ontario including, but not limited to: CBC, TVO , Glenn Gould Studio and Chalet Studio.  Nestled in the heart of the Niagara Region, Peter has produced and engineered a wide variety of award winning Niagara musicians across a variety of genres.    In 2013, Peter received the Special Achievement for Music Production from the Niagara Music Awards.

 “It was a natural progression for me, having worked with such a large number of artists over the years, many of whom were either confused about what mastering was, or didn’t see it as a necessary step for yet another costly studio.  I had created a name for myself locally with my unique signature method of mixing, but I specialized in the finalizing of audio material.   I recognized there was a need for high-quality, yet affordable mastering services that people could access both locally and globally.”

- Peter Haverkamp -

Peter Haverkamp Mastering Engineer
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